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Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Issues

I hate to blog about insurance companies and approvals but lately I have received a couple of negative reviews based solely on the facet that the patient’s insurance company did not approve their medications or their procedures. I had one patient give me a two star rating because his Tramadol ER was denied by the […]

The way the Military treats PTSD

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is a anxiety disorder associated with some type of stressor. The stressor can be anything from abuse to near murder situations. Obviously, the military deals with PTSD in its soldiers on a regular basis. I often work on military individuals and they have been using a old technique in […]

My Opinion On THC

What’s THC? Well that’s the ingredient in Marijuana. A lot has occurred in the past 10 years with the rise of the baby boomer population coming to terms with there age. They represent a group that doesn’t like that they are aging and want to bring their “hippy” values to the mainstream. The question is […]