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What’s THC? Well that’s the ingredient in Marijuana. A lot has occurred in the past 10 years with the rise of the baby boomer population coming to terms with there age. They represent a group that doesn’t like that they are aging and want to bring their “hippy” values to the mainstream. The question is whether or not this is good for society as a whole. The answer will eventually reveal itself since I fear that marijuana will become legal within the next ten years in most states either for recreation or medicinal usage. The real joke is that we already have THC for medicinal usage in the form of Marinol but as one boomer told me, “where is the fun in that?”. THC has real value for certain ailments and that is why it is available as a pill form in Marinol. It is effective for nausea, apetite issues, ect that especially follow cancer patients. I don’t think that anyone feels that THC shouldn’t be available to those who need it and that is why Marinol is available and has been for years. The real debate is that a certain segment of society wants these drugs legal for recreational usage and let’s be honest, that’s really what the debate is about. It is lunacy when people in California call up for marijuana with doctor’s notes that claim they have anxiety, fatigue, etc for the drug. Thus, the real question is whether or not society wants it legal for recreational usage. Now don’t think I’m against that per se, as a libertarian at heart, I feel that one’s body is one’s body and as long as they don’t affect the rights of someone else then they should be able to do with their body as they please. The problem is with the fact that we don’t live in a libertarian society but we live in a socialist one. Thus, I have to pay for other people’s healthcare, disability, accidents, obesity, and everything else since my taxes are distributed amonst various entities such as welfare, food stamps, medicare and medicaid, etc. and thus one’s actions can affect me as another citizen. If someone wanted to lock themselves up in their house and smoke marijuana, well it none of my business but when they leave their house and get in car accidents, go to the ER with ailments related to marijuana usage such as obesity, lung issues or just plain addiction and now I have to flip the bill, then it is a public concern. Thus, personally, given the way our society works, I think legalizing any other drugs for recreational usage is a bad idea. But again, I believe it will happen. I also forsee when you are allowed to have a certain amount of opiate narcotics on your possession without a prescription as we gradually go down this slippery slope. I wouldn’t care but our country is deep in debt and I don’t want to have to pay for people addicted to marijuana or pills as it is hard enough to deal with those with alcoholism. We are in an interesting time when the hippy generation is in ruling power and they plan to put their final stamp on our society. What most people don’t realize is that all narcotics today were legal in the past but their were such addiction issues in the early 1900’s that they passed the harrison tax act in 1914. The interesting thing about the tax act is that the government then used to actually read the constitution and thus couldn’t find in it where they could tell you what you could or could not put into your body. Thus, they figured that they could regulate narcotics by taxing them and making their distribution limited. Obviously, even with these safegaurds we have issues with abuse. With the 1960’s came huge problems with drugs and Johnson and Nixon both instituted treatment issues treating these problems as medical issues. Addiction will and always be a real issue and I don’t know if legalizing drugs is the way to go. Addiction is something that is internally wrong with a person. People with addictive personalities will often exchange one addiction for another meaning that if they can’t smoke pot then they will drink, if they can’t drink then they’ll gamble, etc. I think before we start legalizing any further drugs, we need to unstand addiction more as well. Well there’s my two cents on the matter. In a nutshell, wouldn’t care except the government is cipioning money out of me for half the population to sit at home and irronically those are the ones who will be stoned all day long and as usual, I’ll be paying for it.

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  • anglicanatheart wrote:

    I am cured from throat cancer via surgery and chemo-rad. The treatment left me with facet nerve pain (demyelination) in my spine. Opiates relive the pain but have side effects. I recently learned that long term use can cause dementia. Don’t want! But the pain is severe and prevents my working FT and thus balancing act. With opiates I can get through an 8 shift by breaking them in half and being careful not to take too much in a given time span. I could do for years but don’t want the cognitive dissonance much less the dementia. Hoping for ablation and the solution to all meds.. And then there’s the palliative effect of THC but with its downsides too. In perfect health and likely to live for 30 plus more years. Sure wish there was a solution to the pain that didn’t involve risking brain function when I’m 75. I’ll be seeing this doctor someday soon I hope. Pain is a reality that I’m managing well and staying well short of addiction and lifestyle complications by studiously monitoring the matrix, still I worry about the long term. The reality is that severe chronic pain ruins the quality of life to the point that unless ablation reduces it enough not to need opiates, the improved quality of life over the next 20 years may be worth sacrificing to the alter of dementia at 75. Still I wish I didn’t have to choose between poisons. There is always prayer and the miracle of healing. Halfway there thus far and still praying for complete healing. God wills that I’m sure!

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