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  • I have spondylolithesis and in pain 80% of the time. Are there other options other than injections? I can’t afford them. I have BC/BS insurance but have to pay a good bit at the end. Can you help?

  • Yes,
    There are various treatment options for a spondylolithesis depending on the Grade. Spondy’s are graded 1 to 4 depending on the degree of slippage. Treatment can be a Transfacet Laminoforaminoplasty that removes some of the bone that causes nerve pinching and goes up the complexity scale to a fusion that solidifies the spondy. Injections usully don’t work too well for spondy’s but via pain medicine there are options such as pulsed radiofrequency lesioning which stuns the nerve and can give months of relief. Therefore, you do have options. Let us know if we can help you.

  • Give us a call and maybe we can help you with your situation.

  • chemicalmeningitis wrote:

    I’m new to the area and cannot find a MD to continue my current treatment and find new treatment options. I have chronic meningitis and spondyloarthropathy -why won’t a Dr accept my referral from out of state and schedule an appt w/o COMPLETE med records????? My other MD is happy to speak to my new MD if one will give me an appt! Everyone treats me like I have the plague because I take a controlled substance. Please help me with a referral!

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