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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac joint pain or SIJ pain is a common disorder that is seen in females much more than males. The SIJ is comprised of the surface between the sacrum and the iliac bones. The two iliac bones comprise the pelvis. The joint is essentially non-mobile in the vast majority of patients and although some believe […]

Discogenic Low Back Pain

Believe it or not, up until the late 1980’s, it was thought that the discs themselves didn’t cause pain. It was known that a herniated disc could press on a nerve and cause pain but it was assumed that the disc didn’t have any innervation and thus couldn’t cause pain in and of itself. Studies […]

Spine Surgery Success Rates

Many spinal surgeries offer some kind of success rate but do you the patient really understand what is meant by “success”? Obviously success means that you had a positive outcome, but to what degree. Usually conventional spinal surgeries offer a good to excellent outcome in 50 to70% of patients. Usually, but not always, good to […]

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain or LBP is probably the most common complaint in our society. Some say that over 50% of all people will have some degree of severe LBP at some point in their lives. Most of these cases resolve on their own but a small group of around 5 to 10% develop chronic pain […]

Welcome To Emerald Coast Pain Blog

Welcome to the emerald coast pain blog. We’re just starting this up but let’s see what happens.