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Low Cost Plasma Rich Protein / Platelet Rich Protein Injections For Chronic Joint, Tendon or Spine Pain!

ECPS is now offering PRP (Plasma Rich Protein AKA Platelet Rich Plasma) injections for joint and ligament injuries. This treatment is often utilized by professional athletes for more rapid recovery from acute injuries and for chronic joint pain. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a form of your own blood that has a high concentration of cells called platelets. Platelets contain substances called growth factors that reduce pain and inflammation and enhance your body’s ability to heal itself. We offer injections at $499 per joint, tendon or disc treatment. Insurance may reimburse you for the treatment but most insurance companies consider it experimental. If you are interested in PRP injections just call our office at 1-800-489-3277 or 850-424-3769. PRP injections are only done in our Destin office.


Please specifiy that you specifically want PRP injections and which joint or ligament structure you want done so we don't schedule you for a complete new patient evaluation.


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