Emerald Coast Pain Services


Ketamine Infusion Therapy

 Ketamine infusion therapy is a new technique to help those with chronic pain issues such as CRPS or Migraines. It involves infusion of Ketamine, Magnesium and Lidocaine over a period of an hour to help treat these and other chronic pain issues. In our experience, most people can expect improvement of their pain for a period of two to four weeks. We have not seen permanent improvement in patients who undergo this therapy and thus repetitive infusions are needed, but thiose who do get relief state that the relief is significant. Unfortunately, most insurance companies reimburse less than $50 for such procedures which doesn't cover the cost of the medications and thus to avoid not providing this service to patient we have a basic charge of $150 per infusion therapy (Please note that in other areas of the country they charge over a $1000 per infusion treatment). We try to keep the costs reasonable so that people can get this service if desired. Some people have told us that this was the first time they were pain free in years.